Annual General Meeting – February 16.09

February 16, 2009

Bear River Board of Trade Minutes

Annual General Meeting

February 16, 2009

The annual meeting of the BoT was held Feb. 16, 2009 at the fire Hall. Ten members in attendance, 4 to be accepted, 9 guests, total of 23 in attendance.

Call to Order:

President Bob Benson called meeting to order at 7:30 PM

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting were read.

Moved by Teresa Henshaw

Seconded by Ginny Hurlock

Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

Gertrude Benson gave full report of financial status for the year, showing revenues of $19,567.00 and expenses of $19, 403.19 and a present balance of $83.10 in ad account and a balance of $1319.78 in regular account.

Moved by Gertrude

Seconded by Glendean Parker

Motion carried

Gertrude advised the board that Margie Cooper had audited the books for 2008.

Committee Reports:

Teresa reported that Canada Day was very successful, as one of the annual fundraisers. She encouraged participation again this year.

Zoe reported on a successful 2008 marketing campaign, the first sponsored by the board. She is hopeful for another successful campaign this coming year.

Bob reported on the meeting he had attended in Halifax on behalf of the sustainable growth committee and felt very confident that Bear River is in a position to be developed as a sustainable eco-village in the near future.

President’s Report

Bob gave the annual president’s report. Discussion was held on many of the topics.

Minutes of Annual Meeting 2008

Minutes of the AGM February 14, 2008 were read and moved.

Nomination Committee Report:

Chairperson Zoe Knorek-Onysko made the following nominations for the executive of the board:

President: Bob Benson

Vice-president: Teresa Henshaw

Treasurer: Ginny Hurlock

Secretary: Erin Schopfer

She then called for nominations from the floor three times. Nominated secretary, Erin Schopfer, would not be in a legal position as a member until the acceptance of her membership the following meeting. Motion made and seconded for the three officers.

Zoe then gave nominations for directors. She called for the nominations from the floor three times:

Jeff Knorek

Glendean Parker

Zoe Onysko

Jane Hammill

Angela McMullen

Darryl Jelfs

Jennifer Quercia

Velda Acker

Motion made and seconded for the acceptance of these directors.

Committee Chairs:

The following committee chairs agreed to continue the following positions:

Ways and Means: Jeff Knorek

Sustainable Growth: Bob Benson

Marketing: Zoe Onysko

Nominations approved as presented.

Other Business:

Bob reported on a meeting he had attended at Dalhousie University in regards to future development of Bear River becoming a model eco-village. Those in attendance at that meeting were Terry Thibodeau, Jimmy MacAlpine, Duff Wilson, along with researchers at the university. Future plans include hosting a research team in Bear River. Also at this meeting it was discussed that the community college class from Middleton would visit Bear River in the near future regarding a heat-loss analysis of several buildings.

Duff Wilson reported that he would fund a community bulletin board on the grounds of the Post Office. He added that he would advise the postmistress that the Board would take responsibility for this sign.

The following were accepted as new members:

Sharon and Alfred Norton

Rick McMullen

Lynn Belanger

Tracey Tugnett

Duff Wilson

Moved by Jeff

Seconded by Jane

New Members accepted.

Rick Jacques reported that the Hillsborough Water Society was in the process of collecting past debts, actively maintaining the available system and collaborating with the Municipality of Digby to devise a reliable water supply plan for under $100,000.00

Rick Jacques also spoke of trail development for Bear River, specifically its economic viability and possible trail routes. He asked for the board’s guidance in trail development for Bear River and suggested that there was a possibility that the Boardwalk be considered as part of the trail.

The Board decided to send a card to Sharon Norton as she has broke her ankle.

Meeting Adjourned.


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