Council Meeting Minutes – February 10.10

Bear River Board of Trade

Council Meeting February 10, 2010

Executive Meeting, 6 PM:

Present: Ginny Hurlock, Joe Quercia, Erin Schopfer, Kelly Foxton

Ginny confirmed that Registry of Joint Stocks would send us a renewal notice. Due 27 of Feb. We haven’t yet received the notice.

Ginny has created financial statement by month for 2009. Erin will send copies to Joe and Kelly.

Budget for 2010 will need to be created. Executive will work on this.

Ginny has figured out the Source Deduction Debts and brought us up to speed:

BOT owes $996.25 for 2008 source deduction debts. Ginny suggests paying this off now.

BOT owes $1122.18 for 2009. Ginny suggests we aim to pay this off by June, giving the coffers a chance to fill up again (from the income from Plant Sale and Chili-cook off.)

From here on Ginny will pay source deductions monthly, and this will be written into the duties and responsibilities for any future treasurers.

Next Steps:

We are ready and clear for an audit.

Ginny will be in touch with Pat Gamborg to see if she is willing to perform an audit for us.

Early March exec will meet to deal with paperwork.

Council Meeting:

Jane paid her membership, $10 donation for holly.


Kelly welcomed all in attendance.


Kelly, Erin, Joe, Ginny, Bob Benson, Teresa, Simone, Jane, Jon, Rick, Jane, Flora


Jennifer Quercia not present. Richard McCann has resigned as director.

Approval of Agenda

Flora Doehler moves to approve, Erin Schopfer seconds

Reading of Last Council Minutes:

Error or Omissions

It is Rob Hursey not Bob Hursey

Rick Jacques moved

Flora Doehler seconds

Business Arising from the minutes:

Committee Descriptions:

Public Relations Committee:

Delivered by Erin. Ask secretary for a copy.

Additions: Secretary to post posters 1 week before meeting, at post office and Cherry Brook

Add to list of organizations:

Duff Wilson (United Church)

Legion—Ernie Ryan

Ladies Auxiliary—Verona Sibalsky

Fire Department—Daryl Jelfs

Bare Canvas—Simone Wilson

The Rebekah—Jon and Erin

Delete OARA

Waterfront and Green Space:

Rick provided extensive handout. Ask secretary for copy.

Membership and Business Support Committee:

Delivered by Kelly. Ask secretary for a copy.

Fundraiser and Events Committee:

Delivered by Joe: The goal to promote events that attract visitors and help keep people here for longer periods of time.

Fundraise for specific projects, not just general BOT funds

Canada Day will be considered a subcommittee, headed by Ginny Hurlock.

Operations Committee:

This committee will be responsible for maintenance of building and human resources. They can develop subcommittees as they see fit.

Kelly Foxton willing to assume role of chair.

Destination Nova Scotia does the PEP funding application for us.

It was agreed by all that the BOT should attempt to purchase as much as possible through the Cherry Brook, perhaps even asking Darcy to bring in eco-products.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance:

Jane reported her findings:

Co-operators Insurance quoted: $900 a yr. for $1 million Directors and Officers liability

$1200 / yr. for 2 million

Liability Insurance would protect personal property of directors but before we commit written wording for what this coverage would entail needs to be obtained. Jane will pursue this. There was discussion around finding other quotes but it was generally agreed that this quote seemed very reasonable and that to split coverage amongst a few companies is rarely a good idea. To ask other companies would be opening a can of worms in terms of our other assets (buildings etc.) Our Co-operators policy is due Feb. 20 so we need to move quickly on this.

Community Meeting has been tabled until a future date.

New Business:

Chili Cook-off, Jeff has removed deadlines from posters around town.

Jeff has asked about recovering his costs, for ingredients and prizes. It was agreed that there could have been better communication regarding this event but since its preparation happened during the transition, it was agreed that these costs will be absorbed.

Tourism Showcase March 27

Organized by Rob Hersey

It has proven over the years to be a well-attended event, offering good exposure to the local market. However, we should not expect it to be an income generating.

Kelly Foxton offered the idea of including with the BOT display an artisan consignment corner.

Joe Quercia and Jane Kingston volunteer to man our booth. Kelly will ask for a corner booth.

Rick Jacques motions that the BOT attends the Tourism Showcase, March 27.

Jane Kingston seconds

Public Relations will prepare / organize material for the table.

Joy O’Neil from ADEDA is travelling throughout the area to present analysis of the Roger Brooks talk and will address Bear River at our next general meeting, February 15.

Erin will make a note of this on the poster. Kelly will call Frank Marshall to discuss the possibility of using the upstairs if meeting attendance demands it, also to secure a key for opening the door Monday night.


Ginny has created a financial statement by month for 2009. Contact the secretary if you wish to have a copy.

Budget for 2010 will need to be created. Exec will work on this.

Source Deduction Debts:

Owe $996.25 for 2008. Ginny suggests paying this now

Owe $1122.18 for 2009 aim to pay this off by June, to give the coffers a chance to fill up again (Plant Sale, Chili-cook off)

From here on Ginny will pay source deductions monthly

Next Steps:

We are ready and clear for an audit.

Ginny will be in touch with Pat Gamborg to see if she is willing to perform an audit for us.

Early March exec will meet to deal with paperwork. File cabinet provided by Jon Welch.


Jane moves that at all times the directors have a petty cash float of $250.00 for any emergencies. Of course all receipts must be handed in for any reimbursement.

Kelly Foxton seconds.

Jeff has asked for $70.00 float for Chili Cook-Off

Review of By-Laws:

Tabled for now

Resignation for Director Richard McCann:

Erin Schopfer will get in touch with Noreen Miller, as she has passed her name on as willing to sit as a director.

Committee Reports:

Waterfront and Greenspace:

Rick delivered a list of deliverables and preliminary needs.

See attached.

Brochure copy is needed for Destination VIC guide, Doers and Dreamers.

Public Relations Committee will work on this.


Next Meeting:

February 15, 2010


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