Enhancing your Business Skills Workshop

Recently a few Bear River Board of Trade directors and members attended an information-packed workshop called The Turning Point: Enhancing your Business Skills. Presenter Tiiu Poder spent the day talking to the group of local entrepreneurs about essential business skills such as marketing, product pricing, and keeping track of the cash flow.

Workshop at the Annapolis-Digby Economic Development Agency.

While the workshop was geared towards artists, the examples and guidelines applied to all self-employed people. It is not enough to have a brilliant idea, a beautiful product, or a professional service. The artist has to be engaged in and fully understand the business side of the business! Tiiu used some hilarious and at times shocking anecdotes from her own early business experiences to show us what not to do. Her handouts were fantastic and she armed us with useful tools that will help us to promote ourselves.

Our small Bear River Board of Trade contingent represented the businesses of Sissiboo Coffee Roaster, Barnwood Inn, Greenwillow Studio, and Spirit Getaway Retreats.

Bear River Board of Trade President Kelly Foxton, Treasurer Ginny Hurlock, Presenter Tiiu Poder, BOT Directors Jon Welch and Flora Doehler

Most rural Nova Scotians are self-employed and depend upon their personal entrepreneurship skills to earn their livelihoods. There are a number of organizations that offer supports in this area and the Annapolis/Digby Economic Development Agency  (ADEDA) is one. They have a terrific on-line newsletter with news about local business, government initiatives, local workshops,  events and more. Tiiu Poder’s workshop was held in ADEDA’s boardroom (for the bargain price of $22.50 which included a working lunch!)  The Centre for Women in Business, part of Mount Saint Vincent University was a co-sponsor of the workshop.

Some interest was expressed in having a follow-up workshop to go into greater detail about business plans. If you feel this would be a help for you in your business, please leave a comment or contact ADEDA.


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