Bear River prepares to revamp for tourists – The Digby Courier

Bear River prepares to revamp for tourists – Tourism – Business – Nova News Now – The Digby Courier.

reprinted from the Digby Courier.

“Roger Brooks’ team studied the visitors’ experience. If tourists can find the destination they are seeking and have a positive experience there they will want to stay longer periods of time,” said director Flora Doehler.

“This means that basic tools like signs are so important for the traveler. Benches, public washrooms are essential too.” The report also includes photos of streetscapes revealing what works and what doesn’t, she said. “It is amazing how inviting it looks to see some hanging flowers and benches. The neat thing about this report is that it analyzed the village and many others, too, with fresh eyes.”  The Brooks’ report describes Bear River as enchanting and the galleries, wineries and cafes were enjoyable. The neat thing about this report is that it…showed us how we could improve the visitor experience within a budget.- Flora Doehler Brooks’ stressed all towns should focus on marketing their anchor businesses, said Board of Trade President Kelly Foxton and Director Erin Schopfer. “Bear River is very proud to have Rob Buckland-Nicks’ Flight of Fancy as our anchor tenant,” they said. In response to Brooks’ report, Bear River plans to partner with local businesses and community resources to improve the visitor experience. Proposed changes include improving signage, benches in the town and purchasing planters and hanging baskets. Doehler said the board of trade will also launch a brand new website in April. By Leanne Delong, Digby Courier, March 11, 2010. Read the Roger Brooks Report in PDF. The Bear River section is on pages 43 – 48


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