General Membership Minutes – February 15.10

Board of Trade February 15, 2010

Monthly Meeting Minutes


President Kelly Foxton welcomed everyone


Roll call taken.


Simone Wilson—attending Annapolis Valley health meeting. Reminder that there is a meeting at the Fire Hall in Annapolis Royal 6 PM, tomorrow night also at Clementsport Legion, 3 PM, tomorrow.

Anyone with an interest in health care should attend.

Approval of Agenda

Ginny Hurlock, Rick Jacques

Reading of last General Meeting Minutes:

Error and Omissions:

BoT has a nominating committee not a hiring committee.

Regarding Past President’s waterfront proposal, it was present for public consultation at three meetings prior to being delivered.

Clarification, cheque from PEP that arrived in Dec. is for 2009, not 2010.

Approval of minutes:

Jeff makes motion to accept as read and amended

Rick seconds.

No Business Arising from these minutes.

Reading of Council Meeting Minutes for Jan 25:

Errors and omissions:

Correct name and spelling of Showcase organizer is Rob Hersey

It was brought to attention that the president is not allowed to make or second motions.

Ginny Hurlock re-motions that we send $1000 to CRA in respect of source deductions 2008-09.

Rick Jacques seconds.

Council minutes accepted as read and amended:

Jeff Knorek motions

Jane Kingston seconds

Reading of Council Meeting Minutes for Feb 10 :

Errors and Omissions:

The cost of 2 million worth of Directors and Officers liability insurance is $1250.00 not $1200.00

Jane Kingston re-moves that at all times we have a petty cash float of $250.00 for any emergencies. Of course all receipts must be handed in for any reimbursement.

Joe Quercia seconds.

Motion to approve as amended.

Ginny Hurlock

Richard McCann.

No contrary minded.

Business Arising from Minutes:

A decision on purchasing Directors and Officers liability is tabled until next council meeting as Teresa has provided directors with new information.

Joe Quercia makes motion to accept 5 umbrella committees.

Jeff Knorek seconds.

Joe Quercia makes motion to create and utilize office space at Bare Canvas Gallery.

Glendean Parker seconds.

March 27 Showcase:

Kelly suggests a call out (perhaps through the arts and action webpage) to all artists for consignment items to be placed on BoT table at Showcase event.

Booth rental is $25.00

Rick Jacques makes motion that we pay the fee and attend.

Jeff Knorek seconds. No one contrary minded.

Kelly has ordered BoT free banner (2 x 4) thru Vista Print. It should arrive this week. We will assess the quality of these materials and discuss a second option if need be.

Treasurer’s Report:

Ginny Hurlock delivered treasurer’s report. See attached excel sheet.

Rick Jacques seconds.

No contrary minded.

Chili cook-off:

There were lots of chili donations but not enough participants to eat all of it. Jeff will not be handing in receipts for reimbursement. Thanks Jeff!

Sales of extra chili will be ongoing.

New Business:

Kelly introduced the newly created Resource Guide binder and read brief descriptions of the 5 core committees and identified their chairs. Volunteers always encouraged to sign up, sheets at front.

It was stressed that volunteers are needed for the Canada Day Committee.

Ginny Hurlock makes motion that Simone is accepted as a member.

Jeff Knorek seconds.

Ginny makes motion that we accept Simone Wilson as director.

Rick Jacques seconds

No objection.

Erin Schopfer makes motion that Noreen Miller is accepted as new member.

Jeff Knorek seconds.

Erin Schopfer moves that Noreen Miller is accepted as new director.

Richard McCann seconds.

No objection

Committee Reports:

Rick Jacques spoke on the Waterfront Greenspace Committee Terms and Reference, and Needs and Assessment.

Please familiarize yourself with these plans and offer feedback—they will be brought to every meeting.

Rick Jacques presented motion (background information preceding the motion can be found in the resource binder):

Be it moved that the Waterfront Committee commence with the immediate removal of the deck and rail systems of the boardwalk, derelict materials to be properly disposed of in a manner deemed by the committee to be in the best interest of the Board of Trade, that site safety issues be addressed including construction fencing, all required permits be obtained by the Committee and that this work be done with the understanding that no cost will be incurred by the Board of Trade, corporate and private donors will cover all expenses.

Steve’s Excavation has offered to do the work.

We may find that some wood is salvageable. Bob Benson and Jane Kingston are interested in any salvageable wood.

Joe Quercia requests that all in-kind donations (hours, material, etc.) be kept. Rick Jacques confirmed that there is a detailed in-kind log that will be kept at all times.

Duff Wilson offered a financial donation from Bear River Bass Tournament towards the completion and implementation of this motion.

The site most likely will be surrounded by a construction fence: page wire with orange caution signs.

Not pretty but the committee feels that aesthestic concerns are less of a priority than dealing with the current, severe, liability issues.

Jennifer Quercia seconds motion.

No contrary minded.

Fundraiser Committee:

Ginny Hurlock and Jennifer Qurecia are working on the Canada Day grant application.

Joe Quercia confirmed that the majority of funds raised this year will be prioritized for Waterfront Reconstruction.

The committee is looking to host on-going events for the community, not just tourists, such as organized walks/hikes, community bike rides, etc.

Website subcommittee report by Flora Doehler, February 15, 2010

The Bear River Board of Trade website is undergoing a complete redesign.

The new website has two objectives:

1.    to showcase our village to the world as an arts, winery and tidal village destination

2.    to communicate to Bear Riverites the objectives and work of the Board of Trade on its own and with other community groups

3·      The website will feature lots of images and video interviews with local business people

4·      The website will have a blog component so that the Board of Trade can update the community about mutual concerns, upcoming events and news and so that the readers can have questions answered.

Launch date is projected for March, 2010

Buy Back NS update by Rick

The province has brought back 65,000 acres, (about 40% of the total amount up for sale) and it is in our backyard which is great news.

Nature Conservancy has also picked up some land and BuyBack is working with the federal government to hopefully secure even more.

Teresa Henshaw sent Denzel Yorke a get well card to him wishing him a speedy recovery and a sympathy card to the family of Joe Casey.

Meeting Adjourned

Next Meeting March 15, 7;30 PM

Joy O’Neil concluded the evening with a presentation on the Roger Brooks Report.


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