General Meeting Minutes – Mar 15.10

Bear River Board of Trade

General Membership Meeting Mar. 15, 2010


Vice-president Joe Quercia called the meeting to order.


Kelly Foxton is away.

Jennifer Quercia and Elizabeth Nikitin are away.

Approval of Agenda and addition:

Rick moves to approve the agenda

Richard McCann seconds

Past General Meeting Minutes Read:

No errors or omissions.

Ginny Hurlock moves to accept minutes as read.

Jeff Knorek seconds

Past Council Meeting Minutes Read:

Errors and Omissions:

Fundraiser Event: the sale price (of the calendar) is to be $20.00 not $15.00.

Also, it was agreed after council discussion that the viewing of photographs would be at  the Oakdene as this calendar will be a joint fundraiser between the BOT and the Oakdene. There is the possibility of also including a wine or coffee tasting event at the viewing.

Approved as read and amended

Simone Wilson moves to accept the council meeting minutes as read and amended.

Jeff Knorek seconds.

Business Arising from Minutes:

Showcase Materials were reviewed by general membership.

March 27 Showcase call-out for artists:

Let Kelly know if you want to send consignment items for the BOT table.

Joy O’Neil Report:

BoT response to Roger Brooks’s report:

Open discussion was held on how to implement Brooks’ findings, re: Way-finding, better signage and downtown beautification.


-flower boxes could be created from boardwalk salvage wood, with the possibility of selling fine-end models at the plant sale. Guesstimate of 300 bd. feet of wood was salvaged. There are lots of nails to be pulled. Volunteers please contact Jon or Rick.

Duff Wilson suggests hanging flower pots in front of stores and off telephone poles.

– Light pole / telephone flags with 4 season images highlighting what is special in Bear River: Winter carnival, Cherry Carnival, Wine Harvest, etc.

Jane Kingston, as the new Chair of Peace Garden Committee, reported that there is some money in the church budget to install a bell in the garden. The church is prepared to be more involved and Jane will continue to recruit church participation.

Duff Wilson brought forth the verbal agreement of the past that the church pay (donate?) $100 a (per) year towards BoT insurance. He will remind the church of this offer.

Ideas of how to engage Bear River businesses:

-Hold a contest and hand out an award for most-improved business look.

-donate planter boxes to each business prior to the plant sale. Businesses could be encouraged to use fertilizer from the Solar Aquatic.

Motion: Jane Kingston moves that we have a community beautification contest amongst Bear River businesses. Judging to happen 2nd or 3rd week of July. Planters to be donated from BOT waterfront lumber, prior to plant sale.

Flora Doehler seconds

No contrary minded.

Request for municipal money for the above ideas has been included in the budget 2010.

Waterfront Motion (Rick Jacques):

That all times we endeavour to keep $8000 in a separate bank account for waterfront development but that we pull from this amount for emergencies if/when the need arises, returning at all times to the goal of $8000.00 minimum.

Zoe Onysko asks that we table this motion until next meeting to give Treasurer time to create a list of specifics for what this money can’t be used for.

Derelict materials be properly disposed of:

Zoe Onysko and Teresa Henshaw stated that taking chemically treated wood to be burned was an inappropriate action by the waterfront committee.

Rick Jacques stated that there was a conscientious effort to separate decking (pressure-treated) from the non-treated sub-structure. Only the non-pressure treated was taken to be burned. Never-the-less, the waterfront committee apologizes for their disposal decision.

Duff Wilson as member of waterfront committee agrees that it wasn’t a good idea to burn the non-treated wood. It was a bad decision, but an apology has been made, he asked that we move on and apply common sense to all future projects. From now on he suggests that disposal measures be approved by the board. Others agreed.

Rick Jacques requested that in future if there is concern amongst the directors please  contact the individual they have a problem with and discuss it in person. It is impossible to respond to negative feedback if it comes after the fact from a second or third party especially if earlier, direct communication could have rectified the disagreement.

Jeff Knorek stated that he stands in awe of the amount of effort that went into removal of the decking on the waterfront. Having worked in disposal he has every faith that no treated wood was burned. Jeff stands by the people that did that work.

A public thank-you was offered to the waterfront committee and all who helped for their huge volunteer efforts in dismantling the boardwalk this past week.

New Business:

Treasurer’s Report

Ginny recommends Treasurer’s Report for acceptance

Zoe Onysko seconds

Grant submissions:

Executive to meet Mar. 23 to finalize Digby Municipality Grant

New Meeting Space Discussion:

There was consensus to keep the meetings at the firehall.

Committee Reports

Operations Committee:

Executive agreed to act as Operations Committee until another chair stands up.

Membership Committee:

(See Committee Report in Resource Binder for full report).

Membership Committee is reviewing the fee structure and will make recommendations for improvement to the board. Current proposal is:

Volunteer Membership ($10)

-non-voting, recieves e-newsletter, invitation to Volunteer appreciation fundraiser, invitation and free admission to all BOT sponsored events

Individual Membership ($20)

-voting rights, e-newsletter, full listing on website with links, invitation and free admission to all BOT sponsored events

Business Membership ($50)

-voting rights, enewsletter, full web listing with photo, advertisement and links, availability of group insurance, discounts at local businesses, advertisement listing in BR brochure, invitation and free admission to all BOT sponsored events

Joe requested that Membership Committee review their inclusion of “free admission to BOT events” as part of a membership perk.

Waterfront and Greenspace:

Rick: Following the removal of the decking and sub-structure we are now in a better position to have an engineer assess the situation and offer adivce of what is possible. Rick stressed that the committee has no preconceived notion of what the new boardwalk will look like—this is a community project.  Please start delivering all and any ideas (in writing) for what you would like to see incorporated to a member of the waterfront committee.

Next steps:

Property line confirmations.

Meeting with Municipality regarding Solar Acquatic footprint.

Green Lantern update:

It has been confirmed by the committee that the majority of the land behind the Green Lantern belongs to Canada Post. Board of Trade owns the footprint of building and a thin sliver of land on the garage side down to the water. Stream bank reassessments will need to be obtained as there are serious slumpage concerns in high tides. Canada Post will need to be contacted to inform them of this issue.

Fundraising and Events:

Canada Day

Heritage Grant has been delivered.

Plant sale:

Sunday May 30th is the date presently with the fire-hall for discussion for the plant sale.

Confirmation received that a permit from Alcohol and Gaming will be obtained.


Showing of the photos will be held at the Oakdene, possibly to include a wine and cheese / coffee tasting.

There was some discussion around the cost of the calendars. The Historical Society shared that in their experience selling a calendar for $12.00 was a hard go.

Some discussion that one calendar per member could potentially be included in a membership.

Bear River Plastics would like to purchase sponsorship of a month.

Jeff Knorek motions that we proceed with photo contest and calendar fundraising event in partnership with Oakdene as presented by the committee.

Rick Jacques seconds

No contrary minded

Public Relations Committee

New Bear River Board of Trade (website), is up and running! Please check it out at We already have over 1,000 hits which is an awesome number for less than a month on the www. Thanks again to Flora Doehler for her immense effort on this.

Let Flora or Erin know of any omissions, spelling mistakes, etc.

Blog component on the front page. Similar to a newspaper, in that it will be updated regularly. We are aiming for new posts every week or every other week (3-4 times a month). To ensure you don’t miss a post please sign up for email subscriptions—right hand side of page.

Blog will feature committee updates, we hope to profile BR businesses, community events. Kathleen Shea has offered us any material on BR from the ADEDA site—immigration movies, BR business profiles.

Minutes are to be posted following the general membership approval.

Meeting Adjourned

Next Meeting April 19, 2010

Executive to take care of delegating goodies and coffee for afterwards.


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