Bear River Windmill Concerns

Monday May 17th at 7:30 pm



A replica windmill serves as Bear River's Tourist Information Centre.

Very serious structural issues at the Bear River Windmill will be the focus of a powerpoint presentation and discussion at the Firehall on Monday May 17th at 8pm.
All members of Bear River Village are invited to attend this Board of Trade meeting to discuss and give input to options for the 2010 Visitor Information Centre.
– submitted by the Bear River Board of Trade Council.
For more information, contact

8 thoughts on “Bear River Windmill Concerns

  1. Steve Geerligs

    as the only surviving grandson of the original builder of the windmill (Aton Geerligs), it would be more than a mild disappointment to see this beautiful structure fall. As a land mark of one of the many Dutch immegrants to Nova Scotia, it may be worth while to designate it has an historical landmark.

    1. Flora Doehler

      Dear Steve,
      Regretfully, the windmill was demolished almost a year ago. It had, unfortunately been allowed to fall into such a state of disrepair that it posed significant health and safety risks and was beyond help. The Board of Trade returned some artifacts to a local relative of Anton Geerligs.

      It was sad for the whole community to see it go and even sadder that it was allowed to deteriorate to the point of no return. The memories of your grandfather’s and your grandmother’s tearoom live on in the local Bear River folklore.

      It certainly was a memorable and irreplaceable landmark which delighted thousands of visitors and residents over the years.

      The generosity and community-mindedness of people like your grandparents have helped to shape and form Bear River. I’ve heard so much about them; I wish I had met them.

      There is more information about the windmill’s demise on this website:
      End of an Era
      Why our windmill has to come down.
      The engineer’s report

    2. Denise

      A couple of items from the windmill structure went to a surviving grandson of Anton and were greatly wanted and appreciated. Thank you to those who made that happen.

    3. Sue Turner

      So sad to hear. I came across this researching our family as I was designing a tattoo to commemorate my father (Otto Geerligs, Anton’s son who passed away July 4th, 1997) This windmill was not only a beautiful landmark for visitors to Bear River, but a wonderful piece of our childhood memories has been destroyed. Myself and my brother (Steve Geerligs) spent many summers at our grandparents farm prior to the windmill being moved. It gave us a sense of our roots and where our family came from (both my brother and I were born in canada, our father was born in holland). Steve, to clarify, i’m assuming Michael received anything that was salvagable (there were two grandsons, not sure if you remember him though?). As the windmill will be incorporated into the tattoo design i would appreciate any photo’s that you may have (i have several myself, but some are quite old and not very clear).

  2. Jeff Knorek

    kevin fetter says: “I believe members of the “past” Board of trade should have to answer where the money went, there has to be a record somewhere. If nothing is found, they should have to pay for repairs themselves.”

    I believe that Kevin Fetter should get involved with all of the effort it takes to maintain the waterfront park (BOT meetings, attending fundraising events, pulling weeds, etc.). Going to a blog and pontificating about something of which he knows nothing does ~not~ qualify as involvement.

  3. Zoe Onysko

    What money?. There was no money. That was the problem. That continues to be the problem.
    Where were all these people when we had fundraisers?
    Sitting on the sidelines and pointing fingers is totally unproductive.

  4. kevin fetter

    I believe members of the “past” Board of trade should have to answer where the money went, there has to be a record somewhere. If nothing is found, they should have to pay for repairs themselves.

  5. Elizabeth Hopkins

    I am not able to make it to the Board of Trade meetings, but I am very concerned about the windmill. I would like to see whatever parts of it that can saved preserved for a time when the windmill can be replaced or repaired.


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