The Bear River Windmill – Engineer’s Report

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Bear River Tourism Council Bear River, Digby Co., Nova Scotia BOS 1BO
May 24, 2010

Re; Inspection of tourist bureau in Bear River adjacent to the treatment plant

To Whom it may concern;

Further to your request I have inspected the tourist bureau windmill building on May 21″‘and would comment as follows;

At least 90 percent of the building was inspected. Through numerous areas where either siding was removed or wallboard on the interior was removed indicated severe rotting and mold problems. Almost all corners were investigated and found to be in very bad condition. ln areas where access was not open, the use of a knife or spike clearly indicates lack of solid wood.The rotting is extensive and starts at the sill level and goes all the way up to the second level. The second floor is supported by a beam of which one end has completely rotted off thereby providing no support for the second floor joist. The construction method is to say the least very poor with the majority of the structural integrity maintained by the exterior cladding and wallboard. lt would certainly not meet today’s standards or meet the National Building Code of Canada, which is the bare minimum standard.

The molding problem is so severe that I have not come across such a vast amount of bloom in all of my inspections. This is a very serious concern. The Provincial and Federal governments have a very strong view of mold and in most cases would completely shut down the facility for health reasons. Painting over mold does not destroy mold, it just drives it in deeper. The framework, underside of the wallboard and the face of the wallboard have a proliferous amount of mold. This needs to be remedied immediately.

In summary, I would strongly recommend the complete demolition of the windmill building for both safety and health reasons. lt is a monumental task to remove the molding problem involving the removal of the wallboard, insulation, and exterior siding thereby exposing the framework. This would be practically impossible since the framework will not support the building without the siding or the wallboard. The structure is that bad that I would doubt it would stand up by simply it’s framework.

lnsofar as the structure is concerned, the committee should be very concerned with safety and liability. The building is NOT SAFE for either employees or tourists. I am given to understand that committee members with guests have been going in for tours. I would strongly condemn this practice and would request that the building openings be boarded up securely thus preventing access to the interior. Injury to either locals or tourist will mean a large liability.

In summary I would condemn this building for future use. lt is beyond repair unless the committee has lots of money to throw away and still be left with an old building as a new building would cost considerably less that fixing the existing structure. lt is a good idea to keep in mind that if the building is to be renovated it must meet the NBC of Canada and the Provincial codes. This would mean meeting the energy codes, ventilation, air quality, egress, etc. lt would also mean replacing almost every structural member to meet engineering codes. This in my opinion would be next to impossible without spending a huge amount of money.

It is my strong opinion that the building should be condemned and demolished. The issues of safety and health are not to be played with since liability in the case of serious injury or death could ruin the village. The building should be cordoned off to everyone and made secure so that no entry is available. The liability now remains in your hands.
lf you have any questions or wish for me to make a presentation (answer questions) to the committee, I would be happy to accommodate you at your convenience and at no cost to the committee. Hoping this meets with your approval, I remain

Yours truly,

Francis Doucet. P Eng


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