Digging up Flowers and Buried Treasure at the Waterfront

Tall Rhododendron bushes bloom at Bear River's waterfront.

The Bear River replica windmill was removed from the waterfront a few days ago. The following day, volunteers stepped forward to replant the beautiful flowering rhododendrons and other plants that had to be moved out of harm’s way.

Erin and Noreen replanting the beautiful Bear River rhododendrons.

A bucket brigade was formed to water the plants.

Many hands (and excavators!) make light work.

While some dug for plants, others searched for historical buried treasure. Mention was made of a time capsule buried in cement in or near the windmill. In the weeks leading up to the demolition, many phone calls were made to learn of the exact spot. Conflicting memories led to jackhammering of cement in a couple of different spots but eventually, the capsule was found.

Kenny, Noreen and Andy find buried treasure.

The capsule is sealed and in safe keeping and will be opened after consultation with the community.

View from Bear River's waterfront park.

The new Visitor Information Centre will open on July 1st at the Oakdene Centre. The waterfront park will host the weekly Sunday afternoon Farmers’ and Artists’ Market. Join us this Sunday or any other day to watch the beautiful tidal Bear River rise and fall.

Thank you to all the volunteers who lugged plants and water and made our waterfront beautiful again!

“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Ghandi


2 thoughts on “Digging up Flowers and Buried Treasure at the Waterfront

  1. Carol Dibble

    I have just finished reading The Bear River Tributary. Why is the Historical Society allowing such negativity to be sent to the households of Bear River? Also, why are the comments section of the Historical Society’s website blocked? Please, let us move forward in this lovely community with love, respect, and positive energy. Stop the foolishness, be adult, get over it. Life is all about changes. The windmill was beautiful in its time and served its purpose well in the community – but – it was a building. It is the hard working and wonderful people in this community that make life rich – not the buildings.


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