Sunday Afternoons in Bear River

Sunday’s Grand Opening of the Farmer’s and Artist’s Market in Bear River was a resounding success, thanks to enthusiastic vendors, visitors and volunteers!

The sun shone and the river flowed.

The constant flow of people enjoyed live music and the best view of the river in our downtown waterfront park.

Judy Maher's Raggedy's Heart creatures attended.

Twenty vendors attended and displayed everything from wines to pottery to plants, paintings, carvings, fair trade coffee beans, breads and more!

There's room for you in Bear River!

Please join us every Sunday afternoon from 1-4 throughout the summer. It’s not too late to rent a 10′ x 10′ space. (currently $10). This event is sponsored by the Bear River Board of Trade. Please contact Ken Flett at 467-0649 or email for details.


18 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoons in Bear River

  1. Linda Munster

    Pearl Henderson was first married to Hilda McCaul, they had one daughter Ruby Henderson. Pearl’s second marriage was to Ruby Chase, they had Beryl and Goldie Henderson.

    Pearl’s oldest daughter Ruby Henderson married Clifton Stewart, their children are Kathleen, Richard and Harold Stewart. Ruby’s second marriage was to James Munster, children Sharon Niebuhr(Munster), John and David Munster. Beryl and Goldie are my husband John’s aunts. For more info you can contact me.

    1. James Gledhill

      Hello Linda. I am most excited to find some early information on Ruby and James Munster. I have been working on a biography for about a year now and I am certain these are the same folks I’ve been tracing from British Columbia. I’ve had some contact with 2 grand-daughters in Kelowna and I would be happy to share what I have come up with. Can we chat? cheers Jim Gledhill my email is

    2. Julia Brock

      Hi, Linda,
      I just ran across your post above about Rev. Pearl Henderson while I was searching for updated contact information for Miss Beryl Henderson. As you may know, she was a missionary to India from the Advent Christian General Conference (American Advent Mission Society at that time), for whom I work. Our Women’s Home and Foreign Mission Society had mailed a note to her recently in appreciation for her service and it was returned. We would like to be able to let her know she is being thought of and would greatly appreciate any help you may be able to share. Thank you so much.

      1. Garry wamboldt

        Julia Beryl Henderson passed away several years sister (Goldie) passed away Oct 2010 and Beryl shortly Oct 2009. So the immediate family is gone….Garry Wamboldt

      2. Julia Brock

        Garry, thank you so very much for letting us know about Miss Beryl Henderson and her sister Goldie. We are so sorry to hear that both dear ladies have passed away. If you happen to know the exact dates of their passing, and wouldn’t mind supplying them, it would be much appreciated. One interesting note we learned about their names: The name Beryl was given to complete the jewel names in the family which included Pearl, Ruby, and Garnet. Younger sister Goldie provided the “gold setting” for the jewels. Thank you again, Garry.- Julia at Advent Christian General Conference

  2. Carl A Stewart

    Can you give me any information on the Stewart family or the Wentzell’ s or Henderson’s. My father was born in Bear River in 1912 to Charles and Lottie Stewart. There were a number of brothers and one sister. There was a brother Joseph, Alec and a young child Charles who drowned in the river near the mill dam also a sister Dorothy who is still living and resides in Victoria BC

    1. Flora Doehler

      Hi Carl,
      I have a bit of information to pass on to you:
      “I remember both Lottie Stewart and Dorothy Stewart Wardell. The Hendersons lived on the road leading past the fire hall to the “head of the tide”. To the best of my knowledge Pearl Henderson’s (don’t remember Mr. Henderson) daughters, Beryl and Goldie are both living and resident in Annapolis Royal Nursing Home. Beryl was a schoolteacher and Goldie worked, first for L. V. Harris and later, Claire Somers, at the Bear River Drug Store.
      All Wentzells in NS & Nfld descend from two brothers who cameas foreign Protestants on the ship Murdoch in 1754.”

      There might be information in The Bear River Heritage museum. You can contact our local Historical Society through their website:

    2. Nancy Weatherall (Stewart/Munster)

      My grandfather was Clifton Stewart. Although, I did not meet him. My grandmother was Ruby Henderson from Bear River who was married to Clifton Stewart. My father was Harold Stewart, born in 1935. My father had a brother Richard born in 1933. A sister Kathleen born in 1931.

      The grandparents separated (Ruby & Clifton) in 1935. Clifton moved to Sidney, NS, and had 3 children to my knowledge.The names of the childen where Cathy, Carl, and Starla.

      Hope this helps with your search. If you should want any additional information please let me know.

  3. Karen Wentzell

    I am a teacher in Bridgewater. My grandfather fought with a Jack Harris of Bear River at Vimy Ridge. Jack was killed in that battle. I am doing a study tour of Canadian Battlefields this July and am doing a soldier stand for Jack at his grave site in Arras, France. If descendants of Jack would like to contact me before I leave with biographical information, pictures or momentos which could go to France with me, I would be pleased to come to Bear River to speak with them.

    1. Flora Doehler

      Hello Karen,
      Thank you SO much for your comment. I have tracked down a Harris relative of Jack’s who is thrilled about this connection of yours. I have spoken with a number of people today and your letter reminded us all of the impact we all feel about relatives and others who have been part of that river of history that is the human existance.
      If you are interested, we would love to publish a photo of your soldier stand along with a photo of Jack and a paragraph or so about your experience in France. Thanks for doing this Karen.

      1. Karen Wentzell

        Thank you Flora for all your help. What you do with this site is very important. I look forward to helping you and Cindy build a fitting tribute to those who are gone but not forgotten.

    2. Cindy Harris

      Hello again Karen. Although we’ve been e-mailing back and forth all day, I’d just like to respond on the website and thank Flora and the Board of Trade for providing the vehicle for us to make this connection and begin the process of exchanging information very important to each of us. I am looking forward to meeting you in Bear River before you leave for Europe.

      1. Karen Wentzell

        I am very excited to have the support of you and Flora. I think this is an amazing site! Just think of all the exciting things that have happened through it today. Looking forward to building something exciting to honor Jack and all those who bravely go into a war.

      2. Flora Doehler

        Cindy and Karen, I am so glad that you have both connected and that our Board of Trade site enabled this.
        We couldn’t have hoped for more in launching this interactive site.
        Karen, thanks too VERY MUCH for your offer to share your findings with our readers. How very moving and exciting.
        Take care.

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