The Canada Day Party in Bear River, Nova Scotia

Canada Day 2010, Bear River.

What a party it was! Canada Day in Bear River proved to be a wonderful opportunity for the village to celebrate our country’s birthday by showcasing some of our local artists.

Almost 20 of them brought down tables, easels, torches, potter’s wheels, carving tools, paint and pastels to show and tell the public about their craft. It was an unprecedented gathering of Bear River artists and the party-goers were full of questions and interest.

The main street was blocked to traffic all afternoon and the mood was festive. Musician Harvey Marcotte and friends played music for visitors all afternoon with Bear River’s high tide as a backdrop.

All the businesses in the village participated with contests and specials and lots of soft ice-cream cones.

Rug hooking was on display.

In the waterfront park, children played games and activities and a pet contest was held!

Winners of the best-dressed hamster awards.

After meeting the cute, furry and fuzzy pets, the judges threw up their hands and awarded prizes to all!

The Visitor Information Centre, relocated to the Oakdene Centre, had a grand summer opening complete with Canada Birthday Cake and new staff!

The Oakdene Centre houses the new Visitor Information Centre.

Here are a few comments and emails the Board of Trade received today about yesterday’s events. (The quotes and photos below are presented in random order.)

Everyone I spoke to enjoyed themselves and thought it was such an amazing idea.
Next year…bigger and better!

Sketching in the road.

What I saw and experienced yesterday is the village that I grew up in and fell in love with.

It was truly amazing and I think everyone had a great time. Very laid back and enjoyable.

It was a good day, and it brought the best out of everyone involved. I was very happy to be on board.

Pat Woods from Red Handed Pottery demonstrates.

The atmosphere was so relaxed and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Thank you and all the others who made this such a special Canada Day celebration.

Artists Shirley & Klaus Langpohl.

We have no idea how many people came today, but there was no time when we were not explaining  the carvings to someone.

I speak for all Board of Trade Directors in thanking our businesses, our volunteers, our artists, friends, neighbours and visitors for making this Canada Day a truly ‘Bear River’ experience!

Artist Charles Couper painting with pastels.


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