Moving to Bear River

If you are wondering why a person would choose to leave the city (in this case Vancouver) to move to Bear River, check out the blog  Life at Sledding Hill. Last year Martin and Gordon bought a farm here and brought their dreams with them which involved lavender fields and lavender shortbread cookies and beautiful chickens.

Hen and Rooster at Sledding Hill.

Martin’s  ‘Why Bear River’ post sums things up.

The transition from our Vancouver desk-job lives to being modern homesteaders in rural Nova Scotia has been remarkably smooth.  We haven’t had a day of regret.


4 thoughts on “Moving to Bear River

  1. Joyce Drupsteen

    Hi, I have been researching moving to this blessed part of the world and read a lot of wonderful things about the creativity and community of Bear River. Being an “artist” and avid gardener it sounds like a fabulous place to put down some roots. After booking a trip to investigate further I started to think of the practicalities of moving to another province and since we my husband and I are both in our late fifties we thought of health care. After some research and a few phone calls I found out that there is a severe shortage of physicians with no sight as to when a newcomer would be able to get a one.

    So my question to you good folk in Bear River, what is the situation of health care for you all? Do you have a doctor or access to a health clinic? Is it something that concerns you?

    I am ever so grateful for any input you may give me, Cheers, Joyce

    1. Flora Doehler

      Hi Joyce,
      Speaking for myself only, I can say that we also had worries about health care when we moved here 6 years ago. We came from a city that had a dozen hospitals and half of them were teaching hospitals. We now have a wonderful doctor, but she is 1 ½ hours drive away and that is also the distance of the closest full-serve hospital. We’ve had to use that hospital a couple of times and the service was excellent. We’ve also seen a few specialists, also 1 ½ hours drive away and they were wonderful…took their time, no overflowing waiting rooms.
      Overall, our health has improved since coming here and I think that’s because of the fresh air, lack of stress and good diet and physical work associated with large scale gardening, wood heat and general movement of the body (as opposed to sitting in one spot all day at work).
      There is a clinic in Bear River, but there is currently no doctor (!). There is easy access to chiro, massage, osteopathy, acupuncture and physio. If you need to see a doctor, people use the emergency at the small hospital in Digby.
      I don’t worry about it anymore because for now, it isn’t an issue. Someday that may change. Good luck to you Joyce!

  2. Brian Hurlburt

    Moving to Bear River… from the first time I drove through, back about 1988, I felt a special something! We moved here after my near death emergency surgery in April 2009. What we fond here is family! Even those who we did not know have become close. I dare say that even after my having traveled 38 US States and all the Canadian Provinces there is no place like home… and home for us will always b Bear River…
    We love you guys! Thanks for making us Part of Your Family!

    The Bear River Hobbit
    (But, ah, that’s another story!)

    1. Suzanne

      Looking forward to meeting you as well! Ahh, the Great Adventure of 2011 is on for us!
      See you all very soon!
      Cheers and blessings
      Suzanne Jacques & Jack Fuller (we haven’t a “name” for us yet, but I’m sure we will !)


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