The Flight of Fancy wins Atlantic Canada Outstanding Crafts Retailer award

The Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council (NSDCC) has an eye for excellence.

The Atlantic Canada Craft Awards for Excellence are renowned for high standards and attention to detail when selecting individuals and businesses to be recognized.  The selection of winners Rob Buckland-Nicks and his store, The Flight of Fancy, for Outstanding Retailer, and Robin Metcalfe for Industry Leader/Supporter is an honour for them, but also very exciting for Susan Hanrahan, Executive Director of the NSDCC, who nominated them.

“Of course, we are appreciative of any one who contributes meaningfully to the crafts community,” she explains, “but it is particularly gratifying to see two very worthy recipients recognized for their exciting contributions after years of hard work devoted to furthering craft in Nova Scotia.”

Inside the Flight of Fancy.

Mr. Buckland-Nicks emigrated to Atlantic Canada from London, England after studying sculpting and painting at St. Martin’s School of Art. He now owns The Flight of Fancy, an inspired (and inspiring) gallery and store in Bear River.   He is equally well-known for his exquisite paintings of birds on stones and the unsurpassed customer service he provides.  His ethereal works, which can use up to thirty layers of semi-transparent acrylic paint, and his warm greeting of “Hello Love!” when he calls have both become famous to the area.

Rob's hand-painted birds have 'flown' to every corner of the world.

Canada Geese by Rob Buckland-Nicks.

Mr. Buckland-Nicks is known for the encouragement, support, and advice he offers to the other artists and craftspeople whose work he carries in his store.  With his winning combination of high quality, carefully selected works along with a warming personality in his shop, the NSDCC could not be more excited to see Rob Buckland-Nicks and The Flight of Fancy recognized through this award.

Rob arranging one-of-a-kind jewellery.

NSDCC’s nominees made up half the winners at the Atlantic Canada Crafts Awards for Excellence reception held last Saturday evening and Ms. Hanrahan is confident that there are many more to come in the years ahead.

Original paintings hand in the upstairs gallery.

“We see so many people who give something special every year,” she smiles. “I am thrilled that Rob and Robin have been given a title they truly deserve; excellent.”

Upstairs at "The Flight".

The Bear River Board of Trade congratulates Rob Buckland-Nicks for this well-deserved award and thanks him for his thirty-year contribution to culture, to artists and to business in Bear River. Well done Rob!

Pottery by Pat Woods at Redhanded Pottery.

The Flight of Fancy. Open daily 9am – 6pm, May 1st to October 31st.
1869 Clementsvale Road, beside the bridge.
(902) 467-4171, (902) 467-3202 (H)


9 thoughts on “The Flight of Fancy wins Atlantic Canada Outstanding Crafts Retailer award

  1. Kate Brookes

    Congrats Robbie – you really have worked hard, and are finally getting the recognition you deserve. You are an inspiration and excellent role-model to our two delightful daughters. We are all so deeply proud of you.

    Love Katie

  2. Suzanne

    How wonderful Rob! Many congrats from us – we plan to be moved to the community in the Spring!
    My husband Jack & I are looking forward to being part of such an artistic, creative and inspired (and inspiring) group of souls who call the Tidal Village home!
    See you in the Spring!

  3. Carol Dibble

    Congratulations Rob and so well deserved! The gallery and store have always been a jewel in Bear River and you have certainly put your heart in soul in the business as long as I can remember. So very proud of you. Carol

  4. Noel and Diane Lalonde

    We can’t wait to get back to Bear River and congratulate you “in person”, but please know how proud we are to live where such a wonderful gallery exists and thrives and feeds the soul. Congrats and thank you for your amazing contribution to our little corner of the world.

  5. Rob Buckland-Nicks

    Dear Friends,
    Thank you for all your kind comments on the award and especially to the wonderful Flora for putting together such a great Blog. I knew that I had won a while ago but had to keep it a secret to give the evening an Oscar-like vibe!! The few words I was asked to give after the award was given would normally have been a stressful event, but I treated everyone as though they were in The Flight with me and everything went well. The Flight is really the only place anywhere that I feel totally relaxed and empowered, and that is because I am surrounded by the beautiful works of so many friends and when I am describing this work a strong sense of that person is with me.
    My wish is that everyone will know at least once, what it feels like to own an original creation. Purchasing Art is not about having lots of money, it is about making it a priority. All the best and thanks for your encouragement………….Rob

  6. meredith and patrick tennant

    Fantastic, Rob, and so thoroughly well-deserved!
    Lots of love from all of us here in Charlottesville, and very much looking forward to seeing you in the summer.

  7. Red and Jerry Shively

    Hey Rob–How delighted we are for you!! In Florida now , but hope to see you again in N.S. , maybe next year Love from us both.

  8. Gregg and Natalie Mazel (friends with Shively family)

    Fantastic accomplishment Rob. Hope to visit again soon!
    Gregg and Natalie


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