Learn to Grow Food in Bear River

A new course of garden workshops are taking place this spring in Bear River.

  • Learn how to grow vegetables from seed the organic way.
  • Learn what soil is, how to nurture your garden and the ideas behind companion planting.
  • Learn the full life cycle of plants and what to do with all that produce.
  • Sow heritage vegetable seeds then take them home and grow them on to mature plants.

Get together with like-minded beginners this spring and get your veggie ventures off the ground. To get the most from this course early registration is recommended. Payment ($75) is due by 12th March and courses start on 17th March , either Thursdays (a.m.) or Saturdays (p.m), at the Oakdene Community Centre. Hope to see you there.
Please take a look at the attached poster for more information or call Ginny Hurlock at 467-0481 for further details. A course outline is available on request.


5 thoughts on “Learn to Grow Food in Bear River

  1. Suzanne

    Hi Ginny – thanks for the update – well then, sign me up for next Spring!!! sounds like something this city girl could learn! Our plants (a few that I have so far) are doing well thanks!
    See you soon out and about!

  2. Darlene Karamanos

    I’m not a beginner gardener,but would still like to learn more about organic gardening especially about putting in an acre of a crop on sandy soil.
    Will you be offerring another course or perhaps just a couple of tutoring sessions?

    1. Suzanne

      I do hope there is another course / seminar upcoming past June 1st – we’ll be moving in end of May and would love to explore this further!
      also, plan to try to offer some things myself, if possible!
      See you all in a few short weeks!
      blessings of Spring and such,
      Suzey and Jack
      see you all soon!

      1. Ginny

        Hi Suzey,
        Only just read your comment. The course was very season-specific but I aim to offer it again next spring.
        We have already met at the Bear River Farmer’s Market – I hope your plants are doing well.

        All the best,

  3. Ginny

    Also a great opportunity for those new to the area to meet some like-minded people and learn in a fun environment.


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