Bear River in the News – Art, Lavender and Wine

Bear River has been in the news lately as a vibrant spot for celebrations of art of culinary treats and of award-winning wines. Here are a few links to articles.

The Annapolis Spectator:

If the measure of success is the size of the crowd, Bear River’s Art Amongst the Vines was a major accomplishment in the tiny town that boasts of being the very spot that grapes were first planted in North America — 400 years ago. By Lawrence Powell. Read it here.

Opening the Art and Vines show. Open through Canada Day.


The Halifax Chronicle Herald:
Who’d have thought I would travel thousands of miles to discover one of the best kept Nova Scotia secrets?

On a recent trip to Barbados, I met the owners of Sledding Hill, a company in Bear River. And it’s not sleds, skis or igloos they craft, but a line of culinary lavender. By RENEE LAVALLEE | FEISTY CHEF. Read all about it here.


The Annapolis Spectator:

The Community of Bear River is coming to balance, like the mark of a good wine.
This year marks the 400th anniversary of the planting of the first European grape vines on North American soil.  By Heather Killen. Read the article here.





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