Reporting on Canada Day in Bear River

It was an all-ages art party for Bear Riverites this year on Canada Day, hosted in Bear River by the Bear River Board of Trade.

John Fowler, Bear River Bodger shapes chair spindles.

Bear River is home to many artists and for the second year in a row, they descended down to the river’s side to celebrate our country’s birthday.

Potters, woodworkers, painters and photographers spent the afternoon demonstrating their skills and craft to visitors.

Hand made yurt from local oak. By Jon and Jane Fowler.

Making music is also a long-standing tradition in Bear River and the crowd was treated to the sounds of a fresh crop of musicians.

Bear River Buskers.

Little kids played on a water slide and painted a fabulous Driftwood Dragon, complete with smoking colours.

The Fierce dragon.

Vessels were created using gourds and clay.

Phyllis Woods from Raven Winds Studio and Pat Woods from Red Handed Pottery delighted visitors with their creations.

Painters perched on the river’s edge and shared their craft with passers by.

Charles Couper focuses on his pastel work.

Brian Muszkie paints the river.

There were games for the children, soft ice cream, grilled sausages and lots of opportunities to get a close look at what artists create and how they do it.

At the Rebekah Gallery there were art pieces interpreting the 400 years since the first grape vines were planted in Bear River.

Sculpture using vines and encaustic by Ken Flett.

But all good things must come to an end, even on Canada Day.

The Rebekah Gallery is owned and presented by Jon Welch and Erin Schopfer.

Thank you for joining us on Canada Day. See you next year!


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