Bear River Cherry Carnival – July 16.11

It’s Cherry Carnival time again in Bear River. Bring your family and friends to the special breakfast and raise funds for our Fire Department.  Enjoy the parade, games and activities all day. Roast Beef dinner and a ham supper complement the all-day canteen at the fire hall.  Stay for the spectacular fireworks at the end of the day.  


3 thoughts on “Bear River Cherry Carnival – July 16.11

  1. Pamela Morrison

    My 14 year old daughter Aria is spending the summer over in Digby with my brother Thomas and his family. She phoned yesterday to say that The Cherry Carnival was absolutely the highlight (so far!) of her whole holiday. Made me really wish I’d been there with her instead of in the torrential rain of our so called summer here in Aberdeenshire.
    I Just realised when I read the article that it was a fundraiser for The Fire Brigade so I hope it did really well as my husband is also a Firefighter. Seems like they really went all out to create a fabulous and memorable day. For one wee Scottish 14 year old they certainly did. Thanks to all involved who might read this >:0)

    1. Flora Doehler Post author

      Dear Pamela, thank you for letting us know! I will pass your message to the Fire Department. I’m quite sure they will be glad to hear how much your daughter enjoyed herself. They really do put a lot of organizational work into it and the village is transformed.
      If your daughter is here in August, she might enjoy the Digby Exhibition, a traditional farm show with activiites such as oxen and horses pulling weights. It also takes place in Bear River.
      I hope the rains clear for you soon in that beautiful place in the world where you live. My grandmother grew up in Dinnet, but I’ve never been there. Some day!


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