Bear River – #5 on the Cultureville list!

Bear River was chosen as one of CBC’s top ten cultural centres in the Maritimes! Chief Greg McEwen of Beartown Baskets and Simone Wilson organizer of Fall for Bear River were interviewed and appeared on CBC’s ‘Maritime Cultureville’. 

All the over 70 nominees for this year’s Cultureville have excellent arts and culture profiles so congratulations to each one. Here is the list of the top ten nominees for Cultureville 2011.

  1. Saint John, NB
  2. Annapolis Royal, NS
  3. Lunenburg, NS
  4. Mabou, NS
  5. Bear River, NS
  6. North Preston, NS
  7. Charlottetown, PE
  8. Sackville, NB
  9. North End Halifax, NS
  10. Evangeline Region, PE

View a video of all 10 communities here.

What makes a community a contender for Cultureville?

  • artists love to live and work there
  • people attend arts and cultural events
  • lots of folks are culture makers: they play music, make art, tell stories, design video games
  • there are valuable cultural assets – like theatres or museums or galleries
  • unique heritage is accessible for people to enjoy and appreciate

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