Safe Homes, Safe Communities clinic – Thurs. June 28

The Annapolis District of the RCMP are hosting a safety clinic on Thursday, June 28th at the Bear River Fire Hall at 7:00pm.
The Safe Homes, Safe Communities is an initiative to meet with residents throughout the county to discuss crime prevention measures, and raise public awareness of the policing and legal/ court processes.

The safety clinic is open to everyone, free of charge, and will offer a great chance to increase your personal security and crime prevention skills.

  • Sgt. Rocky Calhoun presents on Crime Prevention and will help property owners look at ways to enhance the security of their homes and outbuildings, as well as promoting personal safety.
  • Senior Crown Attorney, Lloyd Lombard will share how a case travels through the criminal justice system. His presentation will cover many factors in preparing a case for trial, as well as tips and suggestions for home owners on important steps they can take in safe guarding their belongings.
  • Sharon Elliott, Seniors’ Safety Coordinator, will present safety information everyone should consider in arming themselves against identity theft, as well as the latest frauds and scams.
  • Community Program Officer, Rodena Renaud, will provide information on youth safety, Neighbour Watch, and Crime Stoppers.
  • Cst David Fairfax will give important home security tips and information on protecting your valuables, garages and outbuildings, and personal information.

For more information, please contact Sharon Elliott at 665-4481.


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