119th Bear River Cherry Carnival, July 21

Cherry Carnival is an old tradition in Bear River that draws 100’s of visitors to the village. You will find a parade, community dinners, canoe races. But the most popular events of the day are the greased pole event and the over-the-top fireworks at dusk.

Grabbing the Flag at the end of a greased pole. photo by Paul Goodyear, 2011

Breakfast @ the Bear River Legion 7:30 – 9:30

Firefighters Canteen @ the firehall – all day

Children’s Parade, Grand Street Parade – morning

Roast Beef Dinner 11:30 -12:30

Children’s Games, Bingo, Greased Pole, Canoe Races, Cherry Spitting and Pie Eating Contest

Ham Supper @ the firehall – 5 pm

Extrication Demonstration, Duck Race


Please keep your eyes open for the Firefighters’ Boot Drive. Cherry Carnival is the Fire Department’s major annual fundraiser and your contributions are very much appreciated by the entire community.



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