Transportation in Bear River – Oct 13.12

Join us on Saturday, Oct. 13, at the Digby Municipal Building to celebrate the official launch of the Transport de Clare,  Digby & Area Division (which includes Bear River).  Pick up in Bear River & transportation to the event is being offered free.  The event is expected to be about an hour. Anyone who wants to book the free ride should call in advance 1-888-769-2477.  Hope you will consider attending, & also pass the word along to friends & neighbours.


One thought on “Transportation in Bear River – Oct 13.12

  1. Jane Hammill

    Please see and join “Bear River Offer a Ride for Gas Cash Need a ride “ group on Facebook or contact Jane Gray on facebook for info.
    As the Transport De Clare is no longer offering a regular service to from Bear River to Digby many of us are going to be stuck for a ride into town for shopping errands etc.. With this in mind we could probably create a win/win situation for anyone who could use $10 for gas money to buddy up with anyone who needs a ride. The intention of this group is to bring drivers and riders together to arrange things at any mutually convenient time and for any agreed duration and stop off points in Digby. So if you are going into Digby at anytime and could use $10 in cash please post details on here. If you need a ride into Digby and are happy to give your driver $10 please post your request on here. the idea is to keep things informal and casual no liability on either party or anything like that. Just a way to help each other out and ensure those without access to a vehicle can get into town and those that are happy to get some extra gas cash can do so without stress or drama. it would be great if you could invite all of your Facebook friends in the area to also join our group. Anyone out of Bear River but who will be passing through Bear River is of course most welcome to take part. Thanks All Jane”


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