About the Bear River Board of Trade

The Bear River Board of Trade was established by an act of Parliament in 1905.  Our membership of volunteers is drawn from local businesses, community volunteer groups, and individual community members.

The village is not incorporated. The Bear river is the borderline for the counties of Digby and Annapolis. Our volunteers represent the village to our municipal, provincial, and federal governments.

Our volunteer activities in Bear River include:

  • communicating with the municipalities of Digby and Annapolis about infrastructure issues such as potable water and sewage treatment
  • communicating with the Provincial government about road, highway and waterfront maintenance as well as tourism
  • communicating with all levels of government about economic development in Bear River
  • stewardship and ownership of the ‘Green Lantern’ building on the Digby county waterfront
  • stewardship of the Bear River Community Greenhouse and Waterfront gardens on the Annapolis county waterfront

Our general meetings are held quarterly and we have an annual general meeting in the spring.

Board of Trade Directors, 2017-2018

President: Larry Knox

Vice-President: Hans Katzur

Treasurer: Chris Tibbs

Recording Secretary:  Kris Murdoch

Jonathan Welch

Carol Dibble

Cheryl Stone

Jay Stone

John Fowler


Community Greenhouse and Waterfront Gardens Committee (Annapolis County side)

Chairs:  Carol Dibble and Kris Murdoch

Municipal Property, First Impressions Committee (Digby County side)

Chairs:  Jonathan Welch and Larry Knox

Goal(s): To create an attractive and functional entryway to the village. To make features accessible for public leisure and parking.


  1. Liaise with Municipality of Digby representatives to fullfill First Impressions project
  2. Meet with stakeholders to communicate vision and gather input: make recommendations to the BOT on projects, priorities, and initiatives regarding green space and waterfront development.
  3. Work with local artists, landscapers, iron works to develop signage, artwork, landscaping and parking area.
  4. Address maintenance and sustainability issues
  5. Maintain the Green Lantern building

Pedestrian and Vehicle Safety Committee

Chairs: Larry Knox, Jon Welch
liaising with Municipal and Provincial TIR (Transportation, Infrastructure and Renewal)

Bylaws Committee

Chairs: Paul Volenik and Don Rice
To ensure that bylaws describe in clear language the procedures of the Bear River Board of Trade so that all members may conduct business in an orderly manner in keeping with the principles of the organization.


This website is maintained by the Bear River Board of Trade.
For information about committees or the Bear River Board of Trade, please email us at bearriver.ns@gmail.com