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Savour the local crafted cuisine, from hand-harvested wines and produce, that will surely please your palate.


Bear River has a long history of wine making, with some of the first grape vines in Nova Scotia being planted on the shores of our river in 1611.

Bear River Vineyards

133 Chute Road, Bear River, NS

Situated in Bear River along the sloping hillside along the river, Bear River Vineyards sits an about 6 acres, operating out of a unique heritage building, constructed in 1883. The unique four and a half story design of the winery barn allows for gravity fed wine production. This unique process ensures the grapes and wines are treated as delicately as possible to preserve their integrity and quality during the process.

Casa Nova

2635 Clementsvale Road, Bear River East, NS

Located in Bear River East, Casa Nova Winery was inspired by the rich agriculture of the area, began producing ciders, cellos and fruit wines to showcase the flavours of the region. A great location to sit on the patio and enjoy a glass of wine or cider while overlooking the vineyards.


Myrtle and Rosie’s

1880 Clementsvale Road, Bear River, NS

Take the opportunity to sit back and have a bite to eat while the tide rises up the sides of this unique cafe, built on stilts in the river. Located in the heart of the village of Bear River, this unique and charming cafe offers mouthwatering breakfasts and over 10 different burger options. Myrtle and Rosie’s also offers a unique rotating selection of house-made desserts, ice creams & merchandise.

Sissiboo Coffee Bar & Roaster

1890 Clementsvale Road, Bear River, NS

Located in downtown Bear River, Sissiboo Coffee Roaster offers certified fair trade, organic, single origin coffees. Each roast is handcrafted in Bear River using instinct and observation of smells, sounds and appearance. These quality crafted roasts can be purchased by the bag, cup, or as a specialty drink. The roaster also offers a wide selection of non-caffeinated beverages including teas, sodas, hot chocolates as well as a selection of house-made baked goods.

Bear Town Pizza

1252 River Road, Bear River, NS

Central in the village of Bear River (across rom the post office), Bear Town pizza offers a variety of classic pizzas, garlic fingers, and slices for the road in addition to gluten friendly and dairy-free cheese options. In the pizzeria you’ll also find a display of local artists and children’s artwork and entertainment for the whole family with seasonal events.

TacOcat Taqueria

217 Highway 1, Smith’s Cove, NS

Grab a taste of Mexican street food along the shore of the Annapolis Basin at the TacOcat Taqueria, located in the Mountain Gap resort. The restaurant offers a variety of Mexican Cuisine from tacos to chimichangas in a family friendly environment. The also offer a selection of authentic Mexican tequilas, margaritas, and beer on tap.

Frank & Dora’s

217 Highway 1, Smith’s Cove, NS

Enjoy a family friendly dinner on a patio decorated to make you feel like you’ve made a pit stop on the route 66. Offering a wide selection of burgers, chicken, fish & food for when you’re on the go or a casual spot to sit with the family and enjoy ice cream or a milk shake with the family.

Neptunes’s Fork

1043 Highway 1 Cornwallis

Neptune’s Fork is a new restaurant located in Cornwallis Park. The relaxing ocean view restaurant offers lunch & dinner in a lounge atmosphere, paired with a gourmet menu of seafood, steaks, burgers, & more. The restaurant regularly hosts live music, meetings and events. Located inside the BASIN Centre.


Lazy Bear Brewery

120 W Old Post Road, Smiths Cove

Lazy Bear Brewing is a family friendly brewery located on a picturesque hillside in Smiths Cove overlooking the Annapolis Basin. Offering a wide selection of locally crafted small batch beers everyday and gourmet wood fired pizzas on Thursday & Friday nights throughout the summer months.

Bear River Legion Branch #22

1877 Clementsvale Road, Bear River

Bear River Legion has a wide variety of events, in addition to regular legion activities, they host weekly pool tournaments, dart competitions, dances, live music, dinners, potlucks and a great place to socialize for a weekend drink. Within the legion you will also find the Community Kitchen open on Tuesdays from 11:30am-1:30pm, offering a rotating, affordable, handmade soup, bun, and biscuit.

Clementsport Legion Branch #21

2008 Highway 1, Deep Brook, NS

Clementsport Legion offers a wide variety of events, in addition to regular legion activities, they host weekly pool tournaments, live music, dinner theatres, potlucks and a great place to socialize for a weekend drink. You will also find the Coffee & Conversations on Wednesdays from 9:30am-11:30am.

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