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  1. homesick…missing all friends and family…but its beautifull out here in the Yukon,mountans.northen lights etc..hope to be home for christmas… see you all soon,i hope.

  2. Well Karen, Bear River is home to my family. I plan to move home soon. A lot of the houses use wood heat/oil furnaces but my personal choice is oil fired hot water. I love going back and sitting in the restaurant and looking out over the town, looking at the old pictures there, many of which contain my family members and their homes. My Grandparents home was way up on the hill over looking Digby Basin to the West. It was a huge house. The land is now my Aunts’ and the old house was torn down. My children are educated, grown and living in different parts of the world. We are retired, our house is in a high selling area and we have no mortgage so we think it would be nice to “go home”, buy the house we want, and leave my children a summer home to always come home to. There’s no place in the world like Bear River..the Switzerland of Nova Scotia. Just call me homesick and if you get to Bear River, be sure to walk through Mount Hope cemetery and read the history. It’s beautiful. Homesick…

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