Discover the close-knit community and everyday delights of Bear River village life, with a range of events, local businesses, and outdoor activities that make living here a truly unique and fulfilling experience.

Moving Here

Moving to Bear River is a decision that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, artistic inspiration, and vibrant community life. With its stunning waterfront location, perched on dramatic 32-foot tides, Bear River provides an idyllic setting for those seeking a peaceful and picturesque place to call home. Along with its charming homes on stilts and creative energy, Bear River offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for newcomers, making it an appealing choice for those looking to relocate to a quaint and thriving village.

Community Greenhouse

Up-cycled in 2012 from decommissioned municipal sewage treatment plant by the late Carol Dibble & the Bear River Board of Trade, the community greenhouse is now a hub for locals with a green thumb. The members maintain the beds outside the building and anything grown within them is there for the community as an initiative to combat food scarcity. The main building has open doors throughout the summer, but only registered members may enter.

Notice: Picking from outside is encouraged. Please don’t go inside.


This section is under construction. We want to expand our list of services to include more growers, handymen, skilled workers, and mills. Please contact us if you and/or your business would like to be featured here.

Gas Stations

L’Sitkuk Gas Bar

Emergency Services

Bear River Fire Department
Smiths Cove Fire Department

Garbage Collection

Digby County Collection
Annapolis County Collection

Medical Services

Bear River Health Centre
Bear River First Nation Health Centre
Basinview Dental

Postal Services

Bear River Post Office
Dan Bonnel Trucking

local growers

Sissiboo Organics
Veggie Squirrel
Bear River Farms
Briden Farm

We want to expand our list of services to include more growers, handymen, skilled workers, and mills.

Please send us an email to be included.


The community of Bear River is run by various volunteer committees, who work tirelessly to maintain the area’s natural beauty, support local businesses, and promote cultural events.

Bear river first nations

Bear River Historical Society

Bear River board of trade

Bear River fire department

royal canadian legion #22

Bear River Economic Development Society (BREDS)

Oakdene Community Centre

New Horizons Seniors centre

Digby county Exhibition

Hillsborough Water Society

Board of Trade

The Bear River Board of Trade was established by an act of Parliament in 1905.  Our membership of volunteers is drawn from local businesses, community volunteer groups, and individual community members.

The village is not incorporated. The Bear river is the borderline for the counties of Digby and Annapolis. Our volunteers represent the village to our municipal, provincial, and federal governments.

Our volunteer activities in Bear River include:

  • communicating with the municipalities of Digby and Annapolis about infrastructure issues such as potable water and sewage treatment
  • communicating with the Provincial government about road, highway and waterfront maintenance as well as tourism
  • communicating with all levels of government about economic development in Bear River
  • stewardship of the Bear River Community Greenhouse and Waterfront gardens on the Annapolis County waterfront
  • maintaining the website

Our general meetings are held quarterly and we have an annual general meeting each spring.

For information about the Bear River Board of Trade, please email us at

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