Welcome to Bear River

The residents and businesses of Bear River welcome you to come visit one of the most charming villages in Atlantic Canada.

This portrait of our village was made by award-winning Bear River filmmaker, Tim Wilson.

We are located six kilometers inland on a tidal river of the Bay of Fundy . The tide rises and falls approximately 25 feet twice a day due to the dramatic Fundy tides, the highest on earth!

Bear River is home to many artisans from far & wide, drawn here by the beauty and uniqueness of the area.

The original peoples of Bear River are the Mi’kmaq who lived here for thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans.

We welcome you to visit our community, and to check out the shops and studios, visit our museum, and our vineyards, and perhaps consider, as many have, the possibility of living here.

Enjoy listening to “Bear River Bound”, performed by local musicans and written by S.M Jacques & Jack Fuller.

George Sloane – Mandolin, Harvey Marcotte – Fiddle, Russell Quinn – Dobro,  Jack Fuller – vocals & guitar, Big Dan Lagan – mouth Harp, Duncan J.Draper -Bass. 
Bear River aerial photo courtesy of Judy Amirault Photography, Digby.
The Bear River Board of Trade, 2011